Staying Home Doesn't Suck

Survival Skills: Homeschool Edition

Well, it’s official. The governor said it on TV and everything. It’s not just a bad dream. It’s not a hilarious joke. It’s not a...  More

Genetics, Body Positivity, and Raising a “Princess”

DadBod reporting in to share some musings on genetics, the body positivity movement, and what it's like to raise a daughter who idolizes...  More

Adventure Travel to Secure T.P.

Adventure travel is a booming industry. “Adventure tourism” is the title given to vacations that include a little bit of risk for the...  More

6 Reasons to Read Southern Fit & Green Right This Darn Minute

Gather round, gentle readers--all quarantined safely in your homes--and let me borrow your ears for a minute.  More

Origination Tale

I was born with the body of a god: the Buddha. I was ejected from the womb, a healthy 9 lb. 9 oz. Michelin-Man, fat-rolled bundle of joy, a...  More

Special Features

Doppler is the younger of my two dogs—I call them both puppies. They are both (technically) seniors. Doppler... More
Before I tell you what I found in public records, I have to bore you with my academic creds. It’s the... More
I had a completely normal pregnancy, with the exception of the staff at the Women’s Clinic writing... More

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