Small Town Strong

COVID-19 and Corporate Morality

I like money. I especially like my money. I am a wife and mom who works hard, and although I do love to shop for myself and my family, I...  More

The Cow and The Egret: A Lesson in Small Towns

There is a comedian whose name I forget who loves to riff on “rednecks.” He’s built an entire career on making fun of people who live...  More

Nosh Nanny Cyborg & Magic-City Curbside

Hello! And welcome to the future. My name is Nosh Nanny, and I will be your guide today on this tasty adventure on the COVID Curbside...  More

Special Features

The first several weeks with a newborn will make you or break you, and it very nearly broke me. Sleep... More
Have you ever seen a sexy Diglett--a shirtless bronzed god with the head of kawaii rock? Well, sure,... More
I am not a medical doctor. I am an attorney.  As both of these statements are true, I feel compelled... More

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