Plans for Kids & Their Adults

Unexpected Gift, Lesson 3: Great Expectations

I woke up bright and early on Tuesday, March 3, 2015, so I could shower and blow my hair out and put on makeup, because I knew it would be...  More

Unexpected Gift, Lesson 2: The Best Laid Plans

I had a completely normal pregnancy, with the exception of the staff at the Women’s Clinic writing “geriatric pregnancy” on my...  More

Unexpected Gift, Lesson 1: If You’re A Bird, I’m a Bird

I always thought I was that girl who just didn’t “get” motherhood. For that matter, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be married either....  More

Genetics, Body Positivity, and Raising a “Princess”

DadBod reporting in to share some musings on genetics, the body positivity movement, and what it's like to raise a daughter who idolizes...  More

Hoping for a Reaction

As a childless woman, I have to work extra hard to make a good dad-joke. In deferring to research for the proper silly science joke to open...  More

Special Features

I’m one of “those” kind of folks who loves to hug other people (especially my kids) but any just-made... More
As I sit here to write this, I want to let you know first that this will not be my normal ramblings.... More
Gather round, gentle readers--all quarantined safely in your homes--and let me borrow your ears for a... More

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