Nourish Your Spirit

God’s Brain & The Rapture Game

A few months ago, physics professor Dr. Vitaly Vanchurin proposed that we are living inside one huge neural network, an idea met with...  More

Too Late for the Vaccine? Sync Up for a Miracle

What I’m about to tell you will be difficult to believe, which doesn’t make it any less true. I’ve spent nearly a year trying to...  More

We Are One: An Autobiographical Fable

There once was a family of birds from a tiny, seemingly insignificant place called—of all things—Picayune, Mississippi. What no one...  More

One-Woman Freakshow

Though my sanity hasn’t been questioned by others until recently, I’ve been a little crazy for most of my life, until just a few months...  More

Flying Without Wings

Outside of dreams, the first time I flew without wings was as a passenger in a car that flipped over. I was in the 9th grade, the driver...  More

The Divine Force of a Mother’s Love

The last month, my husband I have both noticed lights coming on for no reason. We’ve commented on it but not paid attention, except for...  More

Raised by a Mama Bear in the Land of Faeries

In faerie tales and stories, there is a recurring theme of bears as protectors for the innocent. Brave, The Jungle Book, Brother Bear, and...  More

Dropping Veils

This journey I'm on is not easy for my family. Though my father and brother made peace with it early, my mother and sister are having a...  More

The Father, The Son, and a Ghost

While I can’t promise this was my first time in a church, my first memory of one comes from a preacher sharing a story that shook me...  More

Illusions and Trickery

I’ve told you the first time I used my voice in a way that mattered was to yell at some racist knobheads. The next time I felt brave,...  More

Special Features

All CrossFitters are familiar with the masochist’s time machine. Granted, all CrossFitters (other than... More
While I think CrossFit has an unfair reputation for causing injury, I'm equally convinced that CrossFit... More
“You’re looking puffy,” said a (former) (not-so) good friend of mine about 15 years ago. I’m... More

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