Eating My Words

Starting with a quote from one of my favorite embroidered doilies, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." In my journey...  More

My Response to You Guys

Not all opinions are trash--some are recyclable.  More

Eating Your Car Payment

If you’re wondering, as I was, whether or not to buy organic ice cream, brownie mix, or those delicious little cupcakes with the...  More

The Accidental Philosophy of the Dad Bod

I’ve been thinking about the grammatical usage of the phrase “dad bod.” The term works well enough as a proper noun, in which case,...  More

Clearing the Pantry

There are a few basic mysteries in life that we have learned to accept as cold cases. In addition to the MIA socks and bobby pins, there is...  More

Food Issues

Especially if you live in the South, you've seen a news promo where a voice-over speaks in horror of our nation's uncontrolled obesity...  More

Special Features

There’s an assortment of CrossFit-related movements that never would have occurred to me to try when... More
For someone my age (in my 70s--VERY early 70s), there has been a wide variety of exercise options over... More
Adventure travel is a booming industry. “Adventure tourism” is the title given to vacations that... More

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