Fun Kinds of Fitness

Fitness Dreams

“You’re looking puffy,” said a (former) (not-so) good friend of mine about 15 years ago. I’m sure she meant it out of love. Or...  More

Double Unders – The Devil’s Double Dutch

There’s an assortment of CrossFit-related movements that never would have occurred to me to try when bumbling around a traditional gym or...  More

Is CrossFit Getting Weirder?

Ok, here’s the thing, my firsthand experience with CrossFit is extremely limited.  While I have been a member of a CrossFit gym for...  More

Exercising Through the Decades

For someone my age (in my 70s--VERY early 70s), there has been a wide variety of exercise options over the years. Ironically, perhaps, I...  More

I’m Not a Senior Yet…and I’ll Prove It

I think the title tells you all you need to know about my mindset. I have long stated that I will live to be 100, which means--following...  More

Exercise for Extremists

While I think CrossFit has an unfair reputation for causing injury, I'm equally convinced that CrossFit was born of the notion that pain...  More

The Lesser of Evils

I have been immersed in CrossFit for two years.  I am not good at CrossFit.  I do not particularly enjoy the act of CrossFitting.  More

Giant Chicken on a Pole

I had a fantastic race yesterday. It was an endurance tri—1 mile swim, 32-mile bike, and an 8-mile run. The farthest distance I have ever...  More

Special Features

You likely guessed from the title we are talking about a stationary bike. We are, in fact, talking about... More
There are a few basic mysteries in life that we have learned to accept as cold cases. In addition to... More
The first several weeks with a newborn will make you or break you, and it very nearly broke me. Sleep... More

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