Fun Kinds of Fitness

Fitness Dreams

“You’re looking puffy,” said a (former) (not-so) good friend of mine about 15 years ago. I’m sure she meant it out of love. Or...  More

Double Unders – The Devil’s Double Dutch

There’s an assortment of CrossFit-related movements that never would have occurred to me to try when bumbling around a traditional gym or...  More

Is CrossFit Getting Weirder?

Ok, here’s the thing, my firsthand experience with CrossFit is extremely limited.  While I have been a member of a CrossFit gym for...  More

Exercising Through the Decades

For someone my age (in my 70s--VERY early 70s), there has been a wide variety of exercise options over the years. Ironically, perhaps, I...  More

I’m Not a Senior Yet…and I’ll Prove It

I think the title tells you all you need to know about my mindset. I have long stated that I will live to be 100, which means--following...  More

Exercise for Extremists

While I think CrossFit has an unfair reputation for causing injury, I'm equally convinced that CrossFit was born of the notion that pain...  More

The Lesser of Evils

I have been immersed in CrossFit for two years.  I am not good at CrossFit.  I do not particularly enjoy the act of CrossFitting.  More

Giant Chicken on a Pole

I had a fantastic race yesterday. It was an endurance tri—1 mile swim, 32-mile bike, and an 8-mile run. The farthest distance I have ever...  More

Special Features

Growing up, the neighborhood kids, myself included, were always outside playing some game or another.... More
Despite what the psychiatrist told my parents, about my problems stemming from lack of fortitude, turns... More
Though my sanity hasn’t been questioned by others until recently, I’ve been a little crazy for most... More

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