TriathaMami is a mother of three who works full-time and had been regularly training for triathlons until "Jack," a nefarious and incredibly annoying schwannoma (nerve tumor), crawled up her spine. The jerk. Pre-Jack, she completed 8 full marathons, 9 half marathons, sprint, Olympic and endurance distance triathlons and a half-ironman.


Jack Trying to Take Me Down Shows He Don’t Know Jack

"Is this going to mess with my tri season?" It was an innocent question posed to my evil tri-twin, Kelly, who also happens to work for one...  More

A Weak, Little Frog

Alarm goes off at 5am. Time to head to the pool. Or maybe I’ll just scroll through news stories and Instagram for the next two hours. I...  More


My son is going to homecoming tonight. I just ran out to try and find a boutonniere at the 11th hour because why plan ahead? His boyfriend...  More

My Version of Perfect

When my alarm goes off in the wee hours of dawn, I jump right out of bed and head to the gym for my workout. Yeah, that is so far from the...  More

Intentions & Reality

Another training season has begun! Whoop! Whoop! I’m all fired up. All signed up. Got some extra pounds in place around my waist to keep...  More

Giant Chicken on a Pole

I had a fantastic race yesterday. It was an endurance tri—1 mile swim, 32-mile bike, and an 8-mile run. The farthest distance I have ever...  More

Special Features

If you’re wondering, as I was, whether or not to buy organic ice cream, brownie mix, or those delicious... More
On February 17, 1941, Patricia Dair Lovorn came into this world as the second daughter of Overton Tolliver... More
In 2007, Rich Cohen wrote an essay for Vanity Fair called “Becoming Adolf.” Cohen’s idea, which... More

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