The Gray Ghost straddles that line between "barely a Boomer" but still a Boomer. A life-long athlete, The Gray Ghost recognizes that age is more than just a number, like...a lot more. But, sometimes those he faces in competitive sports--people much younger who assume youth always outweighs experience--find themselves surprised, and maybe a little scared, by his moves.

The Gray Ghost

The Catch

As all of us in the South know, Football (yes, that word is purposely capitalized) is the most important time of the year. And, yes, I...  More

Today I Cried

As I sit here to write this, I want to let you know first that this will not be my normal ramblings. Today I received the news that my...  More

How (The Hell) Did I End Up Here?

As I plod along this 3.1-mile course, I am asking myself, “HOW did I get here?” I’m in downtown Birmingham (Magic City in Alabama,...  More

I’m Not a Senior Yet…and I’ll Prove It

I think the title tells you all you need to know about my mindset. I have long stated that I will live to be 100, which means--following...  More

Special Features

In 2007, Rich Cohen wrote an essay for Vanity Fair called “Becoming Adolf.” Cohen’s idea, which... More
In faerie tales and stories, there is a recurring theme of bears as protectors for the innocent. Brave,... More
“You’re looking puffy,” said a (former) (not-so) good friend of mine about 15 years ago. I’m... More

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