Nerd Reign is a self-proclaimed weirdo who is never more than twenty feet away from a sewing machine or hot glue gun. Attending cons since sixteen, she's sacrificed many hours of sleep to crafting, conning, and consuming Crunchyroll. Her love of alliteration is only matched by her passion for pageantry and RPGs. Latex, leather, and lace: This weeaboo has recently entered the world of Wasteland and is eager to share stories of her exploits.

Nerd Reign

Dragons & Dungeons & Cons After-Dark

Have you ever seen a sexy Diglett--a shirtless bronzed god with the head of kawaii rock? Well, sure, you have...BUT, have you seen a sexy...  More

Partners in the Apocalypse: Roasting and Toasting

[Note from the writer: This opening section is best enjoyed while listening to early twentieth century music on a possibly haunted...  More

Special Features

What I’m about to tell you will be difficult to believe, which doesn’t make it any less true. I’ve... More
This past fall I participated in my first triathlon relay. It was a 70.3 put on by Toughman in northern... More
While I think CrossFit has an unfair reputation for causing injury, I'm equally convinced that CrossFit... More

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