Angie Carnathan is just one of those kids that probably didn’t live up to her potential, but she’s coming to terms with that. She writes to stay sane. She has a lovely husband, a brilliant and adorable child, and three terribly-behaved dogs. She is aware you may disagree with her and she’s okay with that, too.

Angie Carnathan

COVID-19 and Corporate Morality

I like money. I especially like my money. I am a wife and mom who works hard, and although I do love to shop for myself and my family, I...  More

House-Hunting Lunatics & The Realtors Who Love Them

I watch entirely too much HGTV. I have no idea when this obsession with the inside of houses that don’t belong to me began, but I could...  More

Special Features

The first several weeks with a newborn will make you or break you, and it very nearly broke me. Sleep... More
Adventure travel is a booming industry. “Adventure tourism” is the title given to vacations that... More
Alarm goes off at 5am. Time to head to the pool. Or maybe I’ll just scroll through news stories and... More

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