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Our readers can’t be pigeon-holed by age. We’ve got working millennials to active seniors. They range from fitness & adventure enthusiasts to people who would ride a Roomba if they could make themselves pet-sized. They all want health and wellness; they just don’t want to suffer to get there or be harassed about the ways they’re not cutting it.

What joins us is the certainty that life is meant to be savored. Food is meant to nourish and bring pleasure. Movement is intended to bring joy and connection — to ourselves, to nature, and to each other.  Most importantly, staying connected to other people is the point of the whole damn thing, so we spend a lot of time on that stuff. Being a good person, putting good out in the universe, and taking care of each other: that’s what we need to be doing, and that’s what companies need to be doing. It’s really quite simple. So, yeah, we’re a bunch of saps.

Unlike social media or search engine based advertising, you won’t run the risk of Negative Association. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of good news in the world right now. You don’t want your company popping up next to something depressing or upsetting; that’s not the association you want with your company. With us, your ad will be embedded in a humorous, caring, innovative magazine designed to help people grow.

Reach out to Rachel to discuss opportunities for advertising to your future customers in Birmingham, AL, and surrounding cities: 205-706-4882 or


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