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Southern Fit & Green--based in Birmingham, AL–is a digital magazine, site, and community focused on helping you with fitness, wellness, nutrition, organic eating, restoring balance in your life, connecting with yourself, and rebuilding relationships with any family members that have become strained in our weird new normal.

We don’t ask you to compare your gluts to a cover model’s gluts, or offer ways to prepare Pinterest-perfect organic meals that were molded from ingredients plucked fresh from your home garden and painstakingly cultivated to resemble magical forest creatures…because c’mon.

If you’re struggling to get along with your partner, we don’t fuss at you and offer a list of bs suggestions for how to (presumably) control another person’s reactions and behaviors. We know that’s not how that human connection works, and it’s probably his/her/their fault anyway, right? But, seriously, we focus on feeling good about the “self,” because once that’s sorted out, other good things start happening.

Our readers cover a broad age range: from millennials to seniors. They range from fitness and adventure enthusiasts to people who would ride a Roomba if they could make themselves cat-sized. They all want health and wellness; they just don’t want to suffer to get there or be harassed about the ways they are not cutting it. They also represent a diverse set of perspectives on diet, nutrition, exercise, fitness, travel, wellness, contentment, spirituality, and family.

What joins us is the certainty that life is meant to be savored. Food is meant to nourish and bring pleasure. Movement is intended to bring joy and connection—to ourselves, to nature, and to each other. Communication is the key to making all of it work–like, all of it. In the house, outside of the house, in the playground, in the world…wherever you find yourself.


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