Mental health is something I am very passionate about--as a Clinical Social Work grad student, one would certainly hope I give a hoot about...


  • Survival Skills: Homeschool Edition
    Well, it’s official. The governor said it on TV and everything. It’s not just a bad dream. It’s not a hilarious joke. It’s not a social experiment gone terribly awry... More
  • Genetics, Body Positivity, and Raising a "Princess"
    DadBod reporting in to share some musings on genetics, the body positivity movement, and what it's like to raise a daughter who idolizes Disney princesses... More
  • Adventure Travel to Secure T.P.
    Adventure travel is a booming industry. “Adventure tourism” is the title given to vacations that include a little bit of risk for the traveler, and often involves activities such as climbing, hiking, cave exploration, skydiving, and 7 out of 10 family Christmas get-togethers. .. More

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My first job was at an alternative school. Though almost every kid there was white, that school still... More
Despite what the psychiatrist told my parents, about my problems stemming from lack of fortitude, turns... More
I think the title tells you all you need to know about my mindset. I have long stated that I will live... More

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