I like money. I especially like my money. I am a wife and mom who works hard, and although I do love to shop for myself and my family, I...


  • Survival Skills: Homeschool Edition
    Well, it’s official. The governor said it on TV and everything. It’s not just a bad dream. It’s not a hilarious joke. It’s not a social experiment gone terribly awry... More
  • Genetics, Body Positivity, and Raising a "Princess"
    DadBod reporting in to share some musings on genetics, the body positivity movement, and what it's like to raise a daughter who idolizes Disney princesses... More
  • Free Meds for Your Immune System
    Well, friends, this is turning into an absolute shitshow. TV is playing 24-hour-a-day versions of the scariest movie I’ve ever seen….and I’ve seen just about all of them—even the one about the girl with teeth in her vagina... More

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If you’re wondering, as I was, whether or not to buy organic ice cream, brownie mix, or those delicious... More
All CrossFitters are familiar with the masochist’s time machine. Granted, all CrossFitters (other than... More
I had a completely normal pregnancy, with the exception of the staff at the Women’s Clinic writing... More

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